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We believe that a smile is the key to human expression. We believe that any smile begins with an inner emotion, a state of joy that is expressed on our faces like a smile. We believe that all human expression, as well as a smile, should be free.

When someone has a problem with his or her smile, he or she will begin to control the smile and expression, consciously or unconsciously. Auto-control becomes the second nature, self-esteem falls. It takes away our freedom and our comfort. If it is restored, you will have not only a beautiful smile, but also outside it, you will gain your freedom, your courage to be yourself, the comfort to live in your own skin.

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We are a dental clinic specializing in aesthetic rehabilitation on natural teeth and dental implants. A center with a complete dental solution, where we can provide all treatment options in one place under one vision.

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We believe that any patient should be fully treated until he achieves the desired aesthetics and achieves a biological, structural and functional balance. It is in our vision the path to health, aesthetics and longevity.

Before treating any patient, we create a digital clone of our business, which we "treat" in a digital form, and then materialize the treatment internally, guided by digital planning. We simulate every treatment before we do it. We are always looking for a treatment option that balances the minimum invasiveness with longevity.

Best team dentists

Nazarii Mihailuk

Chief Physician, founder of M. Vision Clinic

Anatoly Tokar

Orthopedic Physician

Venceslav Stankov

Perio specialist.

Nadia Nikitiuk

Doctor therapist with 15 years of experience

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Reincarnation of a smile


Price: euro-currency-symboleuro-currency-symboleuro-currency-symboleuro-currency-symbolTime: waitwaitwait

Procedure: 28 ceramic restorations

Ceramic veneers


Price: euro-currency-symboleuro-currency-symboleuro-currency-symbolTime: waitwait

Procedure: 18 ceramic veneers

Ceramic veneers


Price: euro-currency-symboleuro-currency-symboleuro-currency-symbolTime: wait

Procedure: 12 ceramic veneers

Reincarnation of a smile


Price: euro-currency-symboleuro-currency-symboleuro-currency-symboleuro-currency-symboleuro-currency-symbolTime: waitwaitwaitwaitwait

Procedure: 28 ceramic restorations, 5 implants

Reincarnation of a smile

(UA) Валерій

Price: euro-currency-symboleuro-currency-symboleuro-currency-symbolTime: waitwait

Procedure: 28 ceramic restorations, 3 implants

Ceramic veneers


Price: euro-currency-symboleuro-currency-symboleuro-currency-symbolTime: waitwait

Procedure: 10 ceramic veneers

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