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Bogdan Mikhailuk

The founder of MVision dental clinic and laboratory, a member of Oral Design International, a student of Willie Geller (Switzerland, Zurich). Educated in Austria, Germany, Switzerland. Since 2009 - participant and coordinator of Oral Design in Eastern Europe.

Oral Design International is an international club of highly qualified ceramists personally selected by the club's founder, ceramist Willie Geller, for their great mastery in terms of aesthetics and dental handicraft.

Dream or reality

Making the patient's dream come true is not just a job for us.

It's a lifestyle, a hobby - to revive our patient's smile natural beauty. With latest knowledges in modern dentistry, our experience and applying advanced technologies and equipment - we are able to treat the most complicated cases and make your boldest dreams come true!

Dream or reality

Your dream is our plan of activities to make it true!

Be in trend. Advanced education.

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