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Bleaching is a safe procedure that improves your teeth. The results of whitening depend on the structure of the tooth. On average, you can get shades 2-3 times brighter. The result of bleaching lasts 2-3 years depending on your personal hygiene. Our recommendation is to visit a hygienist before bleaching.

One session with immediate results

We use professional systems, such as Beyond Polus. Bleaching is carried out in one visit, which lasts a little more than an hour. You will notice the result immediately. After the procedure, you leave the clinic with a brighter smile.

Homekit and firming gel

We use professional systems, such as ZOOM 2 AP technology. Bleaching is carried out for one visit, which lasts just over an hour. The result is immediate. You leave the clinic with brighter teeth. Guaranteed.

Constant alternatives

Veneers are minimally invasive for whitening, with a permanent result, with the freedom to choose any shade that you desire. This alternative is recommended in cases where the patient has many composite restorations in the anterior region. In some cases, when the teeth are natural, but have a very dark hue, we can use skins to reproduce the same shapes in the desired color.

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